CRH Moisture Content and Relative Humidity Meter for Flooring
Moisture Encounter

The world’s most advanced Moisture and Relative humidity Meter for the flooring industry, the CRH measures Moisture Content, Relative Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point in concrete and gypsum flooring.

The CRH Moisture/RH meter enables you to carry out 4 individual tests:

  1. Measure non-destructively and instantly the moisture content in concrete and gypsum flooring
  2. Measure the relative humidity, temperature and dew point within the floor slab or screed using the
    (below surface) In-situ method
  3. Measure the relative humidity, temperature and dew point above the surface of the floor slab or screed using RH hood test methods
  4. Measure the relative humidity, temperature and dew point of the environment that the floor is
    being installed

The CRH allows you to carry out the most appropriate tests

How does it work?
In Moisture measuring mode it uses the principle of electrical impedance measurement to give accurate non-destructive moisture readings in concrete and gypsum floor screeds.
From Electrodes with special spring mounted probes on the base of the instrument, a low frequency signal is transmitted into the material being tested to measure the electrical impedance.
In Hygrometer mode it uses a solid state capacitive sensor RH probe to give accurate and fast relative humidity and temperature readings.

While being easy and uncomplicated to operate the CRH has a powerful micro controller, which processes the information received and accurately calculates the moisture content, relative humidity, temperature and dew point and displays it on the clear digital display. It has a high capacity non-volatile memory chip which stores and retains its data. This information can be recalled at any time by scrolling and reading directly from the instrument’s own display or downloaded to a PC for storage and inclusion on spread sheet or report.


  • Two versatile measuring modes, measures moisture content plus relative humidity, temperature and dew point with plug in RH probe
  • User can switch between moisture meter and hygrometer modes
  • Non-destructive moisture measurement
  • Stores up to 900 recorded readings in 30 files
  • Recorded readings can be recalled and displayed on dot matrix LCD
  • Download recorded reading to pc for transfer to word processing or spread sheet
  • Choice of scales to suit different types of floor slabs and screeds
  • Operates on time proven impedance measurement principle
  • Instant readings on clear LCD display

NEED for the CRH
Excessive moisture in concrete floor slab and screeds can lead to a host of problems in all types of floor coverings such as: adhesive degradation, delaminating of the floor covering from the slab and within itself, condensation, blistering, movement and deterioration of the covering. In the case of wood flooring, excess moisture can lead to swelling, cupping and movement of the wood which can lead to floor failure and even structural damage. Excess moisture can also lead to mold, and mildew as well as the emission of harmful vapours. Most of these problems can be related to the floor covering being installed on a sub floor that is not sufficiently dry. It is therefore important to insure that the floor slab or screed is sufficiently dry enough to accept a covering.

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